Backup & Continuity

Prepare for the worse with our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.

Could your business survive a disaster?

What about damages caused by fire? Or flood?

The impact of disasters on small businesses can be long lasting, as it is devastating. If you don’t have a disaster solution in place, chances are that the consequences will be severe.

When it comes to protecting our clients from disaster, we offer a multi-layered solution. Those solutions are disaster recovery and business continuity. Our layered approach helps SMBs arm themselves against adversity.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data recovery is a core business concern these days, even for small businesses. A disaster can be anything from natural event, like fire or flood, to man-made one, like a ransomware attack.

How does it work? Let’s say ransomware attack locks down your business’s entire network. Would your business be able to recover the compromised files? Or would you have to pay up?

Our disaster recovery solution helps put these concerns to rest. We help you create a set of data recovery procedures for a business to follow in the aftermath of a disaster.

Going back to the example, if you had our service, you could restore your entire network in minutes.

Backup Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Our business continuity plan ensures that your business does come to a full stop during disaster. Unlike the disaster recovery plan, the BC plan takes into account all critical components of your business, not just your data.

That said, the goal of our BC plan is to allow you to continue doing business amidst chaos. In basic terms: when a disaster happens, there is little to no downtime with our business continuity plan.

We will help you recognize potential threats, then identify the priorities, procedures, responsibilities, and resources attached to each threat.

Business Continuity

The benefits of a multi-layered solution.

When it comes to disaster, small and mid-sized businesses don’t have the luxury to make mistakes. When a business opts for MRW Systems’ multi-layered approach, they save themselves from headache and heartache. Below are the benefits of combining disaster recovery with business continuity.

Immediate Action

By knowing what actions to take, your employees can mitigate the issue promptly to minimize any financial impact.

Legal Regulations

Many regulators now demand that SMBs have data backup, disaster recovery, and emergency plans as part of their business continuity plan. Our plans can help you meet these requirements.

Mitigate Financial Loss

With backup and recovery procedures, you’ll always have access to the resources you need to do work.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s world, it’s a differentiator to be able to respond, recover, and resume business operations should a disruption occur. Your preparedness will make you more attractive to potential business partners and customers.

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