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NOVEMBER 25, 2019

Online Holiday Shopping Security Tips

Brace yourself, the holidays are here. This year, many Americans will flock to the Internet for their holiday shopping needs. Coresight Research predicts that in 2019, 83% of US consumers will shop online for holiday gifts. And what’s not to...

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NOVEMBER 11, 2019

Holiday Cybersecurity Tips for Retailers

Can you believe it’s November already? In a couple of weeks, Thanksgiving will be here. And you know what that means? The Holiday rush will be in full swing for retailers. It’s a busy time for them. And this year,...

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OCTOBER 21, 2019

How to Create a Strong Password

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month. That means it’s time to brush up on online security best practices. Last week, we covered how to spot a phishing email. Today, I’m going to teach you how to create a strong password. At...

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OCTOBER 14, 2019

How to Identify a Phishing Email

It seems rather fitting that October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Because let’s be honest, cybersecurity threats are more terrifying than Halloween monsters. Especially for small businesses. This year’s theme emphasizes personal accountability and proactive behavior. Awareness is key because...

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OCTOBER 7, 2019

How to Move an Office: 10 Tips

Every 5 years we seem to outgrow our space and it’s time to consider a move. With 22 years in business and helping numerous clients with their office moves, we’ve learned a few things along the way. So, as we...

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AUGUST 13, 2019

When to replace a business phone system

Is it time to replace your phone system? If your phone system is older than 10-years-old, there’s a good chance you’re using outdated technology. Remember the first generation of BlackBerrys? That generation’s features pale in comparison to what’s available on...

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JULY 22, 2019

The 1st Step Towards Better Cybersecurity

Small isn’t safe.  What if I told you small and midsized businesses aren’t safe from cyber-attacks? In fact, 81% of all breaches happen to SMBs.   Here’s a reality check. Many owners of SMBs learn the hard way that they can...

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JUNE 17, 2019

MSP and MSSP: What’s the Difference?

There’s no denying it, the tech industry loves acronyms. More so, our company name even has an abbreviation. (If you know what MRW stands for, comment below.) In recent years, I have found two acronyms that confuse small business owners...

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MAY 14, 2019

The Consequences of Data Loss

The consequences of data loss are dire. Today’s blog looks at 4 examples of the seriousness that data loss can cause for a small business. And what YOU can do to prevent it in the first place. Data Loss Does...

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APRIL 30, 2019

7 Tips for More Effective Small Business Security

Introduction Small businesses face the same security challenges as large enterprises. But they often have fewer resources available to combat those challenges. That’s a huge problem! And it’s the reason why 81% of all cyberattacks are against small and mid-businesses....

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APRIL 16, 2019

5 Remote Working Tips for Employees

We’re seeing a rise in remote work. And it’s no surprise because remote work can be a wonderful gift! Working out of the office can lower stress, improve personal relationships, and make more loyal employees. Here are the most compelling...

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APRIL 2, 2019

Why Use Multifactor Authentication

The FBI estimates that 4,000 ransomware attacks occur per day. One of the most common ways to prevent cyber attacks is multifactor authentication. With that in mind, multifactor authentication is a hot topic in the IT security world. In fact,...

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MARCH 26, 2019

What is Virtual Desktop?

Does this sound familiar? It’s a snow day, and you’re working from home on an important document. But you realize, you saved that important file on your office computer’s desktop. There’s no way to access the file. Yikes! With a...

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MARCH 19, 2019

Disaster Recovery versus Business Continuity

What’s the difference between Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans? IT professionals love to use these terms interchangeably, but do you know what they actually mean? In this episode of MRW Systems’ Tech Talks, our CEO, Michael, breaks down the...

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MARCH 12, 2019

5 Common Computer Mistakes

Look, nobody is perfect. And if you’re not an IT professional, you are bound to make a couple of mistakes when it comes to your tech. With many years spent helping clients with their technology, I have seen it all....

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MARCH 5, 2019

Cybersecurity Checklist for Small Business Employees

What is your network’s greatest vulnerability? It’s your employees. Why? Because most employees don’t know how to identify phishing scams and other cyber threats. As a result, employees can open the cyber front door for hackers. And trust me, hackers...

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FEBRUARY 19, 2019

Meet the Team: Michael

Welcome back to MRW Systems’ Meet the Team series. It’s with great pleasure that I get to introduce this month’s special guest, Michael Wolinski. At MRW Systems, our mission is to help small businesses with their technology, and no one...

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FEBRUARY 12, 2019

Is Free WIFI Safe?

Coffee houses are great. Between the ambiance and the aroma of coffee, it’s a conducive place to buckle down and get work done. On top of that, most coffee shops have free WIFI. But before you log into their WIFI,...

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FEBRUARY 5, 2019

Pros & Cons of the Cloud for Small Business

At this point, the cloud is a household name. Whenever we scroll through Facebook or use apps on our phone, we are accessing data stored on the cloud. The general public has been quicker to use cloud services. But now,...

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JANUARY 29, 2019

What does the End of Windows 7 Mean for Small Business

Introduction It’s time to say goodbye to Windows 7. The nearly nine-year-old OS’s life is coming to an end. Microsoft is set to end extended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Windows 7 “end of life” means that...

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JANUARY 22, 2019

Meet the Team: Scott

What happens when a client calls MRW Systems? Well, there’s a 1 in 3 chance that they’ll talk to Scott, one of our technicians. Scott is a newer addition to the MRW Systems team. In his short tenure, he has...

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JANUARY 15, 2019

Do I need an MSSP if I have an MSP?

Introduction In last week’s blog post, I wrote about top 2019 tech trends for small businesses. I stated that “in 2019, many small businesses will turn to manage security service providers (MSSP) to help them with their security woes. These...

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JANUARY 8, 2019

2019 Tech Trends for Small Business

2019 Tech Trends for Small Business Hello, 2019! What will the new year bring for you and your small business? Every new year, we like to encourage our clients to think about the future of their technology. If 2018 has...

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DECEMBER 18, 2018

MRW Systems’ 2018 Reader Favorites

And just like that, 2018 came and went! With the year quickly coming to a close, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of YOUR favorite posts from the year. I went through our...

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DECEMBER 11, 2018

Meet the Team: Casey

Another month, another MRW Systems’ team member! Joining the blog for the month of December is Casey, MRW’s newest network administrator. Although it has only been a couple months, Casey has proven to be a valuable team member. But don’t...

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DECEMBER 4, 2018

Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2019

The Holiday decorations are now in full force here. From Christmas trees to Menorahs, the Holiday season is officially here. You know what that also means? It’s time to reveal MRW Systems’ Holiday Tech Gift Guide for 2018. No matter...

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NOVEMBER 27, 2018

Do you have a 2019 IT business plan?

 Do you have a 2019 IT business plan? Can you believe that it’s almost 2019? As we finish up the last quarter of 2018, most business owners take the chance to review how the year went for their businesses. Some...

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NOVEMBER 13, 2018

Meet the Team: Katlyn

Not all folks at MRW Systems work in tech–joining the blog for the month of November is Katlyn Wolinski, our Marketing Director. Katlyn is our behind-the-scenes gal. She is the one who is responsible for our website development, marketing campaigns,...

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NOVEMBER 6, 2018

After the Hack: Equifax

Hello again! This post is our final installment of After the Hack, where we break down a handful of infamous hacks. For each hack, we’ll discuss what happened, how ithappened, and what lessons were learned. If you’re not caught up...

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OCTOBER 31, 2018

If Cyberattacks were Halloween Monsters

Happy Halloween! What are you scared of? Cybercriminals are at the top of my “Things that Keep Me Up at Night” list. No joke. Data breaches are a poisonous potion that is feared amongst small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In...

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OCTOBER 23, 2018

After the Hack: Delta Airlines

Thanks for joining us for the second installment of After the Hack, where we break down a handful of infamous hacks. For each hack, we’ll discuss what happened, how it happened, and what lessons were learned. If you’re joining us...

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OCTOBER 16, 2018

After the Hack: LinkedIn 2012

Intro to After the Hack In the MSP world, October is cybersecurity awareness month. In honor of this occasion, we are running a new mini-series, After the Hack. For the next two weeks, we’re going to break down a handful...

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OCTOBER 9, 2018

Meet the IT Team: Brian

Not all heroes wear capes–sometimes they wear green polo shirts. Meet Brian, one of our technical support engineers on the support desk. The support desk is the backbone of MRW. The folks behind the support desk put out fires every...

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OCTOBER 2, 2018

How to Find the Best IT Service Providers

Introduction Many businesses hire a managed service provider (MSP) to help lighten the load. But finding the best IT service providers can be a tricky, grueling task. So, where do you start? What questions do you ask a potential MSP...

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2018

Multi-Factor Authentication: Pros & Cons

Introduction In past articles, we explored how weak passwords are a major threat to your company’s data. And while many businesses educate their employees on password security best practices, very few go the extra mile. Passwords shouldn’t be your only...

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2018

Ultimate Computer Mouse Guide

Introduction A desktop computer and computer mouse go hand-in-hand. Like peanut butter and jelly, one without the other just doesn’t make sense. While trackpads and touchscreens are on the rise for personal devices, the computer mouse reigns supreme in office...

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2018

Meet the IT Team: Christian

Another month, another team member! For September’s installment of Meet the Team, I interviewed Christian. Last year, Christian joined the MRW Systems team as an intern. Since then, he has produced high-quality work and has been promoted to an Onsite...

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Save your Mobile’s Battery Life: How-To Guide

How to Save your Mobile’s Battery Life Does the following sound familiar? You’re waiting for an important call or email when out of nowhere, you get hit with a “Low Battery: 20% of battery remaining” warning. Trying to save your...

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AUGUST 28, 2018

Lessons Learned: I was hacked, now I’m a security specialist

Cybersecurity attacks are scary. Whether your personal data gets compromised in a large-scale breach or your password is exposed, getting hacked can be a nightmare. Today, one of our security staff members is going to share his experience of getting...

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AUGUST 21, 2018

13 Most Frequently Asked Help Desk Questions and Answers

Ever wonder what it’s like to be working on an IT help desk? Working at the IT help desk means listening to peoples’ problems and finding solutions. Though working the help desk isn’t a walk in the park, our team...

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AUGUST 14, 2018

Meet the MRW Team: Randy

This month, we are delighted to introduce our business developer, Randy Gray. Randy joined the MRW team at the beginning of the year, and his primary focus is to support new business development opportunities and partnerships. Randy is on hand...

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AUGUST 7, 2018

Beginner’s Guide to Password Managers

Passwords have always been a part of life on the internet. In the early days of the internet, there were so few websites that we could keep track of our passwords with pen and paper. Those were the good ol’...

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JULY 31, 2018

Mobile Devices in the Office: Best Practices

Mobile Devices in the Office As an employer, how do you manage mobile devices in the office? Chances are you’ve experienced the following: you’re in a meeting with a small group of employees. Everyone is discussing an upcoming project when...

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JULY 24, 2018

PWNED! What to do if your email gets hacked

It happens to the best of us… You wake up one morning to a flood of text messages. Friends and family are saying that they’re getting emails containing weird links from you – or that they’re being spammed with messages...

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JULY 17, 2018

Meet the IT Team: Pete

With great enthusiasm, I’m thrilled to introduce this month’s Meet the Team guest. Joining the blog for the month of July is Pete, MRW Systems’ support manager and senior engineer. Pete came to MRW Systems in 2009 as a Network...

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JULY 10, 2018

Wait, so what is the Internet of Things?

Wait, so what is the Internet of Things? By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase Internet of Things (IoT) in some context or another. In fact, I bet you have products in your home that fall under the umbrella...

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JULY 3, 2018

How to Protect your Data while on Vacation

It’s officially summertime! It’s time for barbeques, pool parties, and most importantly, vacations. But did you know that vacations can often put your information at risk? It’s true. If you are not careful about how you prepare to leave or...

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JULY 2, 2018

MRW Rank Among the Top 501 MSPs

Channel Futures’ Top 501 MSPs Announced! For the third year in a row, we are proud to announce that MRW Systems has been named one of Channel Futures’ Top 501 Worldwide Managed Services Providers (MSPs) for 2018. To be ranked...

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JUNE 26, 2018

5 Times Hollywood Got Cybersecurity Wrong

Movies and TV love to show a fast pace hacking scene, where the hacker is pounding away at the keyboard and files are disappearing left and right. Luckily, the Hollywood version of cyber-attacks is hilariously off the mark. Here are...

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JUNE 19, 2018

New Tax Credit for Maryland Small Businesses

Did you hear the good news? There’s a new cybersecurity tax credit for Maryland small businesses. Your business can claim a credit on your Maryland income tax equal to 50% of the cost to purchase qualified cybersecurity products and services,...

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JUNE 12, 2018

Meet the IT Team: Barbara

Numbers are important. No one understands that better than this month’s Meet the Team guest. Joining the blog for June is Barbara Wolinski, our Vice President & CFO. She’s been with MRW Systems since its founding and continues to help...

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JUNE 5, 2018

How can IT improve productivity?

Can technology improve productivity? As a business owner, it is critical that you and your employees are getting the most out of your company’s technology. Technology plays an essential role in managing performance and encouraging employees to help drive your business...

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MAY 29, 2018

What is GDPR?

Have you been receiving a lot of emails about companies’ changing their privacy policies lately? That’s because of the GDPR went into effect on May 25th, 2018. Today, I’m going to break down what is GDPR and what it means...

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MAY 22, 2018

No Internet? 5 Tips to Reconnect

No one likes an internet outage, especially business owners. Internet downtime can disrupt your employees’ productivity and be a real pain the neck. Below are five tips to help you troubleshoot any internet connectivity problems: 1. Check Modem Lights There...

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MAY 15, 2018

Meet the IT Team: Isaac

Welcome back to Meet the Team! Joining the blog this week is Isaac Wolinski, who has been working at MRW Systems for over 11 years. To help illustrate how important Isaac is to the team, here are some comments about...

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MAY 8, 2018

Don’t Leave Your Business in the Dust – VoIP Solution

How’s your business’s phone system? Do you like it? Your employees? If you are unhappy, you’re not alone. The wrong telephone system can slow down your business by limiting your growth and frustrating your employees. On top of that, old...

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MAY 1, 2018

Can Your Business Go Paperless?

Can Your Business Go Paperless? Paper is everywhere. Busy offices can generate a lot of paperwork. But too much paper can reduce the efficiency of your business and cost you money. Not to mention, printer toner is plain expensive. Luckily,...

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APRIL 24, 2018

How to Find Your IP Address

Your IP address is probably something you rarely think about, but it’s your internet lifeline. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to receive emails, check today’s news or do a simple Google search. So, what exactly is it? It’s like...

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APRIL 17, 2018

Meet the IT Team: Anthonie

Joining the blog this week is Anthonie, who has been with the MRW Systems’ team for over two years. He works as our Security Analyst and is a crucial member of our cybersecurity service, NetGarde. This past year, Anthonie has been...

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APRIL 10, 2018

Stop Using Cheap Chargers

Here is a pet peeve of mine: folks who use cheap chargers to power their valuable electronics. While the urge to save a couple of bucks is noble, knockoffs chargers can end up costing you MORE money in the long...

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APRIL 3, 2018

5 Ways Employees Can STOP Hackers

5 Ways Employees Can STOP Hackers The majority of hacks aren’t against the big fortune 500 companies; they’re against small and mid-sized businesses. From stealing credit cards to important company records, these attacks can be crippling. But do you ever...

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MARCH 27, 2018

Working from Home with Microsoft Office 365

Working from Home with Microsoft Office 365 The ability to work remotely is highly desirable and continues to grow in popularity. This combined with better accessibility brought by mobile and cloud technologies has encouraged businesses to accommodate remote workers. By...

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MARCH 20, 2018

Personal Tech: How to Send Large Files

How to Send Large Files Does this sound familiar: you want to send over an album from your child’s latest birthday party, but the files are too large, and so, the email won’t send? Isn’t it a pain? Many email...

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MARCH 13, 2018

Meet the IT Team: Adam

Welcome to the second part of our Meet the IT Team series! Joining the blog this week is Adam Anderson. Adam has been with MRW Systems for almost 3 years (his work anniversary is March 30!) and currently works as...

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MARCH 6, 2018

Review: Surface Pro with LTE Advanced

Tired of asking clients for their WiFi password so you can pull up a presentation? Or worse ending up in a conference or client site with no internet access? YIKES! For those mobile sales warriors and business owners on the...

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FEBRUARY 27, 2018

What is Business Continuity?

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Network Continuity. The blog post was about how network downtime is a business nightmare. But here’s the thing, Network Continuity is only the tip iceberg when it comes to preparing your business for...

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FEBRUARY 20, 2018

Cheat Sheet: Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

It’s no secret that keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to do things faster. But with the wide variety available, it’s hard to remember all the different shortcuts. Memorizing which shortcuts do which functions can be a little daunting at...

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FEBRUARY 13, 2018

Meet the IT Team: Chris

Welcome to our first installment of Meet the IT Team! Joining the blog this week is Chris Garrett, who has been with the MRW Systems’ IT team for over 7 years. This past year, Chris has been receiving a lot...

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JANUARY 23, 2018

TechTip: Organizing Apps in iOS

Are you guilty of spending a minute or two hunting down an app on your iPhone? Don’t worry you aren’t alone! Organizing apps in iOS can be a nightmare. With thousands of apps at our fingertips, it can be difficult...

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JANUARY 16, 2018

The Big Tech Trends of 2018

As an IT company, it’s our job to research new technologies and trends. As technologies advance, general tech trends have the capacity to change how we live and interact with each other. So, what will the biggest tech trends of 2018...

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JANUARY 9, 2018

So, What’s Next? Meltdown and Spectre

Last week, news surfaced that modern processors have two fatal flaws called Meltdown and Spectre. These two major flaws in computer processors could allow for cybercriminals to steal passwords and sensitive data. They are no joke. If your computer has...

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JANUARY 5, 2018

Watch out! Meltdown and Spectre

There are new bugs affecting nearly every computer and device. Their names are Meltdown and Spectre. Have you heard the news stories yet? This week, there has been an avalanche of reports of massive security issues surrounding bugs. Here’s what you...

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JANUARY 4, 2018

What is Network Continuity?

So, what exactly is Network Continuity? Let’s start with what a network is: Today’s businesses rely on technology now more than ever before. At the heart of a business’s technology is the network, which enables internal and external communication. Think...

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JANUARY 2, 2018

Our Top Office 365 Applications

There are many different parts and pieces that make up Microsoft Office 365. Getting a handle on all of the moving pieces and jargon can be a challenging task. If you are thinking about purchasing an Office 365 subscription, you...

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DECEMBER 21, 2017

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware, where a hacker locks up your files and holds them for ransom until you pay a fee, has become the largest cyber threat to individuals and businesses alike over the past couple of years. In the first three months...

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DECEMBER 21, 2017

5 Myths Uncovered about Cyber Security

Cyber security is a huge topic in 2017. Over the last 25 years, one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is that one of the greatest weapons we have to prevent cyber-attacks is our own education. There are many...

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DECEMBER 19, 2017

MRW Systems Holiday Guide

T’is the season to ask: What makes a perfect gadget gift? These days technology is in everything and it’s truly improving our way of life. The market is filled with so many wonderful options! But when it comes to finding...

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DECEMBER 6, 2017

10 Things that should be on Your Network Disaster Survival List

In order to remain in business, stay competitive, and keep yourself and your company safe from a data loss disaster, there is a fairly standardized checklist that should be followed if you expect to survive the oft-treacherous contemporary conditions of...

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NOVEMBER 15, 2017

Communicating Tips for Offsite Workers

Most companies are now hiring employees located around the globe. The advantage of hiring remote contractors are ample—they allow businesses to widen their net to attract skilled employees and permit more flexibility in scheduling. As long as you put forth...

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NOVEMBER 1, 2017

How IT Pros Avoid Phishing Scams

Falling for a phishing scam can be no only embarrassing, but a true danger to your organization and confidential information. Anyone who uses the Internet must know how deal with them. The frightening fact is that while nearly 10 percent...

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OCTOBER 30, 2017

4 Emails You Should Never Open

Cybercrime is an ever-present threat to modern businesses. Without up-to-date and varied IT security measures, successful hacks can compromise your customers’ and employees’ sensitive data and harm your systems, resulting in costly downtime, and worse. Email is the primary tool...

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OCTOBER 15, 2017

Don’t Get Tripped Up by The Cloud’s Pitfalls

Many businesses rely on cloud computing to support strategic innovation and cost-control requirements. But if you do, it’s essential that you find the right partner to walk you through the potential pitfalls. I realize that cloud computing is all the...

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