Have you discovered all that comprehensive data recovery services can do for your business performance and productivity? If your data recovery support isn’t up to par, then you need to look into getting an IT services team that will implement data recovery tools that ensure your business database survives cyber breach, hardware failure, corrupted file systems, power outage, or natural disaster. Our proprietary approach to data recovery services in Baltimore is done through cloud backup, off-site servers and storage, virtualization, and other means that restore access to data files even after the primary access route is damaged or fails. Common methods of data recovery and restoration are:

  • Internal or external hard disk drives (HDDs)
  • Solid-state drives
  • USB flash drives
  • Magnetic tapes
  • CD-ROMs, DVDs, RAID subsystems
  • Other electronic devices

Data recovery in Baltimore involves thousands of companies and dozens of industries that require sound data recovery services and business continuity planning in order to ensure operational performance and continued productivity. Failing to have data recovery in place has spelled disaster for many a company that found themselves surprised by fires, floods, earthquakes, theft, file storage corruption, or other causes of data compromise. And, with natural disasters, cyber breach and hardware/device thefts on the rise, data recovery has become one of the cannot-go-without IT services that are perennially important for companies of all sizes, industries, and niche markets.

Data Recovery: Two Scenarios

Scenario One: Company A decides to cut corners and only gets the standard amount of firewall, antivirus, and data storage, thinking it will be smart and not incur any disasters or data loss. But, within two years they suffer a fire that devastates their office building and only a small external drive and USB thumb drive remain, accounting for only 14% of their total data repository. They soon have to file for bankruptcy, being a marketing and design firm that was relegated to starting from scratch, basically.

Scenario Two: Company B regards the wise counsel of the IT experts who advise them to cover all contingencies – including better-than-adequate data recovery assurance. In one week alone they are hit with a file-corrupting virus and theft of an executive’s laptop. Luckily, they had cloud storage and backup as well as virtualization in place, which allowed them unbroken data access. They survive unblemished, and are still in good standing today.

Don’t Skimp on Data Recovery Services

No one wants to end up like company A – and, no business has to. All you need is to trust in the guidance of your IT professional team, and let them run your network infrastructure ship. MRW Systems offers data recovery services Baltimore area companies rely on. Contact one of our helpful agents by phone at (410) 751-7111, or via secure email form, and we will respond to your inquiry right away.