Frederick Computer ServicesIsaac has been part of the MRW Systems team for eight years – four years full-time and four years part-time. He is a Network Administrator and an MBA student. His favorite part of working at MRW Systems is creating and implementing intelligent solutions that enable clients to help the world and getting to do so in the company of great coworkers.

Where technology in his life is concerned, the one electronic device he could never live without is his music player. If he had to listen to the same song forever, he would pick x jhfly by Squid Ethics.

In his free time, Isaac likes to take advantage of beautiful weather to go hiking and sit in the park, and when staying indoors is the better option, he likes to watch cartoons and visit museums. If he could have his choice of superpowers, Isaac would like to be able to summon ancient spirits, and as a kid, he wanted to be a Dragonslayer when he grew up. The fictional character he relates to best is Schnitzel, from the cartoon Chowder.

If Isaac could travel anywhere in the world, Tokyo, Cambodia, Jordan, Iran, Antarctica, and New Zealand would all be on his list of destinations. He loves to travel and collects rare clothing and rocks from the countries he’s visited.

When asked if he had any words of wisdom to share, his response was “Don’t be afraid to ask for help even if it seems dumb!”

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