As experts specializing in IT support for the manufacturing industry, we know when a company is getting the short end of the stick, instead of receiving top-notch IT services. There are many ways you can tell you’re not getting enough from your IT company – from unclear lines of communication to just plain not having the leading-edge tools of the trade to cover all bases. The manufacturing industry presents its own criteria by which to measure the performance of an IT company. Here are 5 main ways you can tell your manufacturing IT services aren’t up to par:

  1. They don’t address the special requirements of the manufacturing industry. Just as with any sector of the business world – manufacturing requires IT service protocols that must be there if they are going to be effective, overall. There are internal control systems that need to be monitored as well as how those systems connect to the outside servers through networking and connectivity. In many ways, manufacturing presents one of the biggest challenges for IT companies, which must look at such things as supply chain performance, product life-cycle management, and more varied and complex technologies and how they interact. If your IT company doesn’t do this, start shopping around for better.
  2. They only respond due to the “squeaky wheel” effect. If your IT services company only responds when there’s a “squeaky wheel that needs grease,” i.e. they come running when your IT network springs some kind of leak, and they act like plumbers on the run, then that’s a bad sign. A good IT company worth your time and money will have long-range planning for your infrastructure in place, using intrusion detection and prevention tools like the best firewalls, antivirus software, vCIO, cloud backup and data recovery, business continuity planning and more to keep your ship running smoothly from day to day, without the squeaky wheel effect.
  3. They perform no rigorous testing and diagnostics to help design a better-performing data network. The design and operations of an IT network – especially those in the manufacturing industry – requires careful calculations and rigorous testing of IT frameworks, processes, and maturity in order to be able to plot a new course based on better problem-solving and quality assurance. If your current manufacturing IT services company is only there to patch leaks that always seem to pop up, then they haven’t done their jobs.
  4. Your IT infrastructure isn’t evolving to meet modern standards. The IT company worth its salt won’t just sit back and wait for disaster in order to respond, it will evolve your entire data network connectivity, performance, and processes to meet contemporary standards – and, it will do it with flying colors. You need IT visionaries who can analyze, assess, and bring your data center and IT infrastructure up to speed with the latest, cutting-edge tools of the trade to prevent cyberattacks, email phishing and spam, data breaches, or malware exploits of any kind.
  5. They are only one- or two-dimensional in their approach to your network’s security, connectivity, and performance. You want (and deserve) a manufacturing IT management company that thinks way outside the box, giving your IT framework the optimization, connectivity, security, and overall performance that you should be getting out of it. You want a company like MRW Systems to step in with managed services and solutions you can count on, and to be your vCIO with the proper tools of the IT trade to get your manufacturing network where it needs to be in 2016 and for years beyond!