Assess Your Risk

Our risk assessments identify security vulnerabilities.

What are Risk Assessments?

A cyber risk assessment identifies vulnerabilities within a company. The purpose of a risk assessment is to show what assets are susceptible to cyber threats.

Why take a Risk Assessment?

Do you know what happens when a small business gets breached? Point blank, it is a disaster. By conducting regular risks assessments, you will never be left in the dark when it comes to your security.

At NetGarde, we can help you find your weak points. We’ll identify any weakness in your IT environment, and help you move forward.

NetGarde Risk Assessment

The Benefits of Risk Assessments

Businesses find it difficult to keep well-informed of the threat landscape. As a result, companies put themselves at risk by not adopting proactive strategies. A risk assessment is the first step in creating a new security strategy.

Are you still not convinced? Here’s what you get when you sign up for a risk assessment:

Remain Compliant

Are you compliant with regulatory requirements? You’ll be able to find out through a risk assessment. In fact, some industries already have legal obligations to perform cyber risk assessments.

Avoid Financial Damages

The average price a small business pays to clean up damages from a data breach is $690,000.

Greater Self-Awareness

By knowing your weaknesses, you can start to plan. You can create a strategy that targets vulnerable assets and invest in securing them.

Reduce Long-Term Costs

Assessments help you pinpoint potential threats. If you address security vulnerabilities, you are preventing the likelihood of security incidents. In time, this strategy will save you money.

Avoid PR Nightmares

Your customers don’t want to hear that their sensitive data fell into the hands of hackers.

How do Risk Assessments Work?

1. Company Overview

We meet with you at your office to discuss your business’s existing security posture. Before we make any recommendations, we will research your current infrastructure.

3. Documentation & Reports

We provide all the technical documentation from the assessment. We’ll also check to see if employees are following security policies and procedures.

2. Investigation

A certified cyber security specialist will review your network. During the review, technicians will uncover any security issues. We’ll check anything technology related.

4. Strategic Planning

To address any weakness in your security posture, we’ll help you develop a strategic plan. Our planning approach is very proactive. After an assessment, many clients partner with NetGarde for security solutions.

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What about Cyber Security Services?

Don’t forget to check out our managed security services. With our MSSP package, you’ll be able to pass a risk assessment with flying colors.

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