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New OS 10.13 High Sierra Drops Office for Mac 2011 Support  

October 13, 2017

Mac users of Microsoft Office 2011 may be in for a nasty shock after upgrading to High Sierra, as Microsoft has announced that it’s no longer supported.  Even Office 2016 users may encounter difficulties.  It may be no surprise that when you Google “MS Office for Mac”, that the majority of the results returned are alternatives to the popul[...]

How Much Do Multiple Monitors Boost Productivity?  

October 10, 2017

While some feel more isn’t always better, it actually is when it comes to monitors.  Some feel that paying for multiple monitors for employees is just a waste of space and money.  That’s a myth.  According to the report in the NY Times by a Jon Peddie Research survey, multiple monitors can increase productivity by 20 to 30 percent. A Closer[...]

Happy Birthday Microsoft Word

October 09, 2017

Since the 90’s, Microsoft Word has become the standard that every student learns in order to create basic documents, fliers, invitations and more.   There is nothing more standard and boring on a computer than Microsoft Word, but whatever would we do without it?  If you’ve ever bought a new computer, you may know the helpless feeling that co[...]

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