Virtual Desktop

A MRW Systems service that allows your staff to work from any device and any location.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you wonder if your sales staff is missing out on productivity and sales because they are tied to their desks by their in-house computers? They might close more deals if they were mobile.

Do you wish that your work-from-home employees and your traveling workers could have the same secure access to data as your in-house employees? They would be more efficient.

The solution to these questions – and many others – is our Virtual Desktop Service. Using any device to access your full-function desktop in the cloud is the way of the future.

4 Virtual Desktop Benefits

Reduce Costs

Save the expense of constant hardware and software upgrades. Your Virtual Desktop solution is automatically updated with the most current operating system and application versions.

Scale Easily

Don’t worry about whether your technology can keep up with your expected business growth. The Virtual Desktop easily expands to meet your employee and client service requirements.

Complete Freedom

Use your Virtual Desktop securely from any internet-enabled device. Enjoy the operating system and applications that you use in the office and be productive from wherever business takes you.

Stay Productive

Keep going and get work done – even when in-house computers and data are inaccessible because of fire, flood, human error, or criminal activity.

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