Who We Serve

We truly believe that the only successful client is one that considers us to be a long-term partner.

Our Cilents

Our clients are small to mid size businesses and non-profits in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Frederick County, Howard County, Anne Arundel, and Carroll County in Central Maryland. We also have clients in Southern Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia.

Our services can extend anywhere. In addition to physical offices, many of our clients have remote offices throughout the country.

MRW Systems is not a one size fits all kind of IT company. Our clients are diverse and work in different industries. Our services are tailored to the client. We work with our clients to help them achieve their business goals.

  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Professional Services
  • Non-Profit
  • Construction
  • Other
Ready to Succeed with IT?

Manufacturing & Distribution

Our strategic focus in tech improves the efficiency of our clients’ operations and is an essential component for any successful manufacturer and distributor.

Professional Services

Our pro service clients understand that not keeping up with IT changes can create risks for their businesses. MRW Systems employs a network of technical experts specializing in the field of compliance and regulation.


Our first client was a non-profit! Non-profits are turning to us for our professional expertise, and advanced technology. Why? Because we find the best IT solutions with our client’s goals and budget in mind.


Juggling business models, regulations, and equipment can be a tricky act. But we got your back. With over 30 years of experience, we have the right tools to make your company more efficient and productive.


Don’t see your industry here? Not a problem. MRW has experience working with healthcare providers,  financial services, biotech and pharma companies, start-ups, and many more.

Your Business

If your company is facing a constant uphill battle with your IT and you can’t tolerate downtime, then MRW Systems is the solution to your IT troubles. Contact us today!


“We’ve been a client of MRW since 2008, and WE have no internal IT department. In 2012, we were purchased by Virginia Farm Bureau which is a much larger organization with a fairly substantial IT department. Despite this, BDG has remained a client of MRW. Both BDG and Virginia Farm Bureau valued the input from MRW during the transition period, and recently we’ve signed a new contract with MRW so they can continue to support us. It’s been a great partnership.” ­–Eileen

“We have retained MRW Systems as our IT service provider since 2001. MRW handles all technical support as well as monitors and consults with us regarding new hardware and software that our firm requires. MRW provides us with backup of all of our systems, as well as manages our email server, spam control, virus protection, and technical support and service with our telephone system. Our firm uses some of the more common software packages, but we do use a very intricate billing system, and the MRW support team is on the front line whenever we need technical and hardware support for that as well. MRW set up a number of our databases, and Mike Wolinski has researched software alternatives that are industry specific to our firm whenever we have requested such help, and we thoroughly trust his best efforts and judgment in this area.” ­–Debra

“Michael, very nice job on the overview of the status of our systems and security… Our company’s CEO noted that it was the most informative assessment concerning company’s IT assets that he has ever received. He noted Michael came prepared and had exceeded his expectations. I received votes of confidence from the group for our selection of MRW. MRW’s service and the level of review of our IT infrastructure has met my expectations. Please keep up the good work.” ­–William

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